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Introducing our first ever collaboration with the talented Cath from Alice's Earth. Cath is a Brisbane based jeweller who focuses on sustainably handmade pieces with a creative flare.

This one of a kind keepsake piece is handcrafted out of solid brass with hand hammered textures.

Material + Care:
100% Solid brass - Australian sourced

We recommend storing your hairpin in a safe, dry place when not using. Each pin comes in a reusable box for you to store your beautiful hairpin. To maintain the shine of your hairpin, buff gently with the cleaning cloth included.

Wavy ring approx. 5cm (L) x 4cm (W)
Pin approx. 6.7cm (L)

Please note each hairpin is individually handcrafted, size and shape may vary which makes each piece extra special!

How to:
1. Take your hair in one hand and place the wavy ring on top of the hair with your other hand then switch hands to hold everything in place using your original hand.

2. With your other hand, take the pin and poke inside the wavy ring on one side. You want to pass it under your hair as close as possible to your scalp.

3. The pin should exit on top of the ring on the other side. The pressure of your hair will secure everything in place, so the more hair you catch the better.

Make sure you check out Alice's Earth Instagram and website.

$1 of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice with i=Change®